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“In my own experience, colonic therapy is an invaluable complement to all other forms of health treatment and prevention of problems. A happy, well-functioning colon is essential to a happy life! I feel extremely fortunate that the knowledge and expertise represented by Vestta Whole Health is so easily available to me. After completing a recommended series of colonics, I was told by my chiropractor that my whole body had loosened up and shifted to the point of making his work on me much easier. In a nutshell, ‘life-changing’ is the best word to describe the potential of colonic therapy, especially when experienced through the dedicated professionalism of Vestta.”

– Rosemary, Office Administrator

“Archer is an amazing healer with a vast amount knowledge and experience. I have been seeing Archer for colonics for the past few years, and his compassion and care has been invaluable to me on my healing journey. He has helped me and guided me in a multitude of ways; not only does he teach the best info about natural healing, diet and wellness, he also offers so much wisdom and sound spiritual advice as well. I always feel so safe and supported in his colonic sessions and always look forward to them. I have done many colonics in NYC and other cities all over the world, and I think Archer's are the best I have received. When in session with him, I have learned so much about myself. His healing, gentle presence is an extra bonus to the treatments. He is extremely generous and has the warmest spirit. He has extended much compassion and love to me through very trying times/health challenges.”

– Jodie Abrams, Wellness/Green Lifestyle Coach

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